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Providence Trade offers a variety of water management system and equipments. From water bladders to containment germs, Providence Trade Water decontamination system helps prevent their clients from coming in contact with contaminated water.

Providence Trade will determine the most effective way and system design, from scale analysis through system integration and commissioning. We work to not only meet decontamination requirements, but to optimize water, energy, carbon costs and sustainable practices as well. The main goal of our staff is to identify, evaluate and develop a method to stop and treat the decontaminated water that flowing on your water system at your home or anywhere else needed.


Solar Hot Water Panel

The sun is our number one source of heat, it is present everyday and it is the most free, inexhaustible and non-polluting source of energy. The sun provides heat throughout the year and it’s never depleted by our usage. Providence Trade Solar hot water systems are simple technology, comparatively low in cost and are very effective. Modern vacuum tube system absorbs almost ninety percent of the suns solar energy. Cold temperatures, or wind chill don’t affect them as the vacuum is a superior insulator. This enables them to provide free hot water for most of the year and assist with water heating during the winter, reducing the work load on your boiler and making substantial savings on your energy bill.

Providence Trade also cater new innovative equipments such as solar water pumps, solar heating panel, solar energy panel, solar energy systems, solar powered water pump, solar electric panels, water booster pumps, water pressure pumps, pressure booster pumps, submersible water pumps and water purification systems.


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