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Solar Water Pump


Solar powered water pumps from Providence can lift water thousands of feet, and across many miles. They provide water for crop irrigation, for livestock, or for people in even the most remote locations.

Powered entirely by the sun, solar pumps need no fuel, no generator, and no connection to an electric grid. These systems are designed for many years of flawless performance and require very little attention.

Providence has partnered with the foremost designer of submersible and surface mounted solar water pumps to offer sustainable and economical solutions for water supply management. No other solar powered water pumps can match the capabilities of these pumps.


Water Booster Pump


We cater solar water pump for almost people living in rural and remote communities to greatly enhance the quality of people’s lives. Solar water pumps systems are very reliable and productive relative to the cost and can be renew by manual pumps. A solar water pumping system does not have to use batteries to provide the power as the pump will operate during the day by pumping water into a tank for use at night. We also have a wide range of useful equipments such as solar heating panel, solar energy panel, residential solar energy, solar electric panels, water booster pumps, water pressure pumps, submersible water pumps, water booster pump, water purification, water decontamination and water sanitation.


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