Solar Street Lights, Net Zero Energy Homes and More

Providence offers a wide range of environmentally friendly and sustainable products, including solar powered street lights, Net Zero Energy homes, ultra-efficient cooling, ultra-efficient irrigation, solar power water purification systems, and alternative energy.

Our solar street light partners have installations in several countries around the world.

The cooling system of a manufactured net zero energy home in California.

According to Wikipedia, “A zero energy building (ZEB) or net zero energy building is a general term applied to a building’s use with zero net energy consumption and zero carbon emissions annually. Zero energy buildings can be used autonomously from the energy grid supply – energy can be harvested on-site.”

Providence introduces Net Zero Energy homes that are constructed in a factory and then assembled on site. These homes are to be economical, attractive and energy self-sufficient. They run on solar power. They are well-suited for off-the-grid locations.