Solar Powered Energy


Solar Powered Energy ยป Solar Powered Energy


Solar Powered Energy


We are renowned for our expertise in the field of renewable energy resources. We provide our customers with low priced, high quality PV solar equipments for residential home use and made from the best materials. We offer a range of solar installation facilities such as solar heating panel, solar energy panel, residential solar energy, solar electric panels, water booster pumps, water pressure pumps, submersible water pumps, water booster pump, water purification, water decontamination, water sanitation and solar powered water pump.

We offer everything you need to get your solar panel system install from the blue prints to reality and we sure to provide expert services during the installation of our highly recommended products. We are dedicated and driven to provide clean green energy solar solutions at an affordable price. We are committed to providing the best value and most effective sustainable energy solutions to rising energy costs for your home.

Sustainable Water Management

Our solar pumps deliver water for drip irrigation, flood irrigation, livestock troughs, for household or municipal use, or to wherever water is needed. The systems are completely scalable, with output ranging from less than a gallon a minute to a thousand gallons a minute or more. There is really no limitation to what is possible.

Solar Energy Panel

One way of actively participating in maintaining a clean environment is to use and utilized solar energy via solar panels. Environmental pollutions are increases in the use of fossil energy sources such as coal, petroleum and gas. Providence Trade solar panels are vacuum sealed that are high performance energy absorbers and represent a real contribution towards making solar energy the primary energy source for the future generations.


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