Solar Electric Panels



Solar Electric Panels


Solar Electric Panels, also known as Photovoltaic or PV panels, convert sunlight into direct current electricity. These panels, or modules, are a collection of individual solar cells connected together and contained in a frame.

Solar cells are made of a semiconductor material, most often silicon. A thin semiconductor wafer is specially treated so that it has an electrical field, with one side positive and one side negative.

Sunlight strikes the solar electric panels, with the sunlight energy, or photons, knocking free some of the electrons contained in the semiconductor material. Electrical conductors on the negative and on the positive side form a circuit, and capture these free electrons in the form of current, or electricity.

The power generated by Photovoltaic panel is direct current, or DC. An inverter can convert this to AC.

Solar electric panels can provide electricity for remote, off-the-grid locations. They can also help reduce electrical bills and carbon footprint.

Providence Trade and Development provides a wide array of products powered by solar power. These include multi-function utility structures powered by a solar array, solar water purification systems, solar water pump and irrigation systems, and modular net-zero energy homes.

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