Solar Powered Water Pumps, Solar Irrigation Pumps

Solar powered water pumps from Providence can lift water up thousands of feet, and across many miles. They provide water for crop irrigation, for livestock, or for people in even the most remote locations. MORE


Portable Water Purification Systems, Solar Water Filter Systems

Providence solar powered water purification turn polluted contaminated water into safe clean drinking water, preventing waterborne diseases. MORE

Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Providence ‘s portable Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems transform slightly brackish water into water for drinking, for household use, or for agriculture. MORE


Water Purification or Decontamination

Providence portable solar powered water purification systems save lives by producing safe clean healthy drinking water that is 99.99 % free of harmful pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and cysts. MORE

Solar Power Energy

Reliable solar power systems for villages, schools, farms, homes or applications of any size. MORE

Waste to Energy System

Providence introduces the world’s most advanced waste to energy system, which can produce electricity and high quality fuel gas from many types of waste. MORE

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