Mobile Power, Water and Communication

Three crucial Systems in one mobile platform

Providence introduces a revolutionary mobile energy, water purification and communications system, powered by the wind and the sun. The trailer-mounted system can generate up to 12kw auxiliary power and features a telescoping 106-foot communications tower that can be automatically deployed by the hydraulics system.

Optional water purification system provides thousands of gallons of safe, clean water.

GSW 7000 with solar panels deployed and tower and wind turbine ready to extend up to 106 feet

This mobile solar and wind powered energy and communications system is ideal for remote locations, emergencies, disaster relief and military operations.

The complete trailer-mounted system can be towed by a standard duty pickup truck. Once on site, the on-board hydraulics system can automatically deploy the solar panels and communications tower in less than 30 minutes.


The system’s 16 solar panels produce 4600 watts of reliable auxiliary power. A wind turbine, which sits atop the tower, can produce an additional 2,400 watts in a 29 mph (45.7 kph) wind. The solar panel arms and the tower stow for storage and transportation.

Tower is retracted and in the process of being stowed for transport


The GSW-7000 has been used to recharge the batteries of several NASA robotic vehicles in NASA’s Desert RATS program (Desert Research and Technology Studies), where NASA “takes equipment and personnel into the field to simulate future planetary exploration missions. ” The trial will continue this year.

The GSW-7000 is equipped with Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) batteries rated up to 72 kilowatt-hours of power for those times when there is no sun or wind. An onboard power management system assures optimal charge and discharge of batteries for maximum life.


This mobile unit features an expandable tower mounted on the trailer. The tower can be extended to 106 feet (32 meters), providing a flexible platform for communication, lighting and surveillance applications. Antenna mounting points are suitable for a variety of communication systems, including WiMAX, WIFI, satellite, cellular and microwave.

The tower is constructed from high grade, drawn over mandrel (DOM) carbon steel, allowing a maximum payload of 660 pounds (300 kg). Eight jack outriggers, hydraulically and automatically deployed from the system’s single control panel, stabilize the trailer and the tower. The tower is stable in winds in excess of 110 mph ( 177 kph).The entire system can be remotely monitored and controlled. It requires very little maintenance


Safe Clean Water

With an optional solar powered water purification unit, the system can produce safe, clean drinking water from contaminated source water. Reverse Osmosis water purification systems are available for making potable water from brackish water or seawater Depending on the unit chosen, the system can make enough safe drinking water for hundreds, or thousands.

One rugged and highly portable system provides power, clean drinking water and clear communications- all crucial in off-the-grid locations or in emergencies.